The following staffs were dismissed immediately on 10th August 2020 due to gross misconduct.

Fung Chung Hung Francis – Chief Operation Officer
Ricky Chau Wai Kit – Director of Technology and Engineering
John Chu Sai Kiu – Senior Quality Manager
Horace Li Ka Ming – Senior Engineering Manager

Should you have any concerns or enquiries about capsule coffee machines projects, electronic goods projects and medical products which are directly or indirectly related to Flussig Medtech Ltd, please contact [email protected] for clarification or confirmation.


富識醫療技術有限公司於2020年8月10 日因發現以下員工行為嚴重不當以作出即時解僱, 其外相關人仕在外之一切華洋轇轕,一概與富識醫療技術有限公司無關:

馮宗熊- 首席運營官
仇偉傑- 科技及工程部總監
朱世僑- 高級質量保證部經理
李家明- 高級工程部經理

如有任何直接或間接關於粉囊咖啡機,,家用電子產品,醫療器材等開發及生產項目, 請電郵到[email protected]查詢及確認。