About Us

About Us

Flussig Medtech Limited is truly a ODM company committed to make the best design of high tech products for our customers. We are committed to offer world class full design and manufacturing services, but also comprehensive electronics design and product management service to anything such as Wireless equipment, LED lighting, energy conversion systems, professional audio, medical devices. 

World-Class Electromechanical Contract Manufacturing 

With decades of experience in the electromechanical contract manufacturing industry, Flussig ensures the best for your company no matter what industry you’re in.

We are a contract manufacturer with SMT capability and have offices in Hong Kong, Japan, and Germany. Our team of molders and professionals specialize in electromechanical product manufacturing including motors, pneumatic pumps, fluid handling, plastic injection molding, medical grade silicon extrusions and finished good complete systems. The medical devices we manufacture undergo validation and verification protocols to provide you with optimal results. In addition, we are heavily involved in export tooling and designing, manufacturing parts, sub-assemblies, and full assemblies for a wide array of markets such ass medical, automotive, motor, consumer, food and beverage, industrial and agricultural. We are a cGMP compliant manufacturer and apply to FDA and NMPA standard. We hold certifications for ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and we comply to ISO 13485, TS16949, UL 746, and ISO 14971.

 Our team can quickly identified and resolved focus on the New Product Introduction; design optimization, procurement, fine tuning of testing algorithms and automation manufacturing and QC/QA setup.

Services :

An Electronic Manufacturing Services company with design and product management support to the whole process from ideas to the final products in-house.

Founded :

Our team members have over 30 year experience in manufacturing process and we are always looking for top knot technology for design and manufacturing operations.

 Intellectual Property :

It has always been our policy to protect the interests of our clients and the markets they serve. We do not participate in manufacturing for clients where there is a conflict of interest, nor do we partake in infringing upon any intellectual property rights of the products we produce. This policy allows us to protect our interest in building long-term partnerships with our clients.

Flussig, and in particular the CMS Division, are fully aware of all issues related to intellectual Property (IP) protection. Flussig acknowledge clients’IP is their most valuable assist and Flussig will pro-vide a high standard of care to protect it. Clients IP includes not only the submitted BOMs, manufacturing drawings and prototypes, it also covers the designs, ideas, any corporate data, patents, copyrights, and trademarks, as defined by global organizations such as the USPTO, the European Patent Office, and WIPO.

All of our employees are aware of the fact that the protection of IP is an important topic. Flussig has implemented companywide internal rules and training sessions which address the issue. The follow-ing are a few examples of our employee’s guidelines in regards to IP issues. It is the responsibility of each member of the CMS team to protect a client’s IP the Clients’s BOMs, product information, and other sensitive material provided by our clients, All the client’s documenta-tion and information will be treated and handled as from time to time defined in the NDA.