Product Development

Product Development

Our design capabilities range form subsystem and full turnkey product designs to re-design efforts with the objective of cost reduction for existing designs. Our ISO9001 and ISO 13485 practices make the design effort to be well managed and documented. 

Flussig’s Design Engineers are closely linked to the manufacturing environment. They are able to incorporate the concept of Design for Manufacturability during the product design stage such that the benefits fo Flussig’s production process can be fully optimized. The incorporation of the NPI program early in the design phase will also reduce the time to begin production. 

Flussig design methodology uses a highly interactive approach under a simple design process flow to develop products with cost effective designs that can be quickly launched into production. 

  • Design Proposals will include the structure of the design team, description of design solution, list of major components, project schedule, development and product unit cost.
  • Design Verification will confirm outputs meet the design requirements.
  • Design Validation will confirm the products perform the expected functions and meet the intended use.

Our design services include :

  • Analog and digital circuit design at product level with the following expertise:
    • Software development with support ranging from product application to test and diagnostic development.
    • Mechanical design with extensive experience in design for manufacturing.

Industrial design at Flussig emphasises value added designs for end users. We take a highly interactive approach to work with customers from concepts to prototype simulations, enabling us to develop user focused solutions.

Our Philosophy as a Full-Service Contract Manufacturer

Our company was founded on the principle of offering comprehensive business solutions for our customers’ outsourcing needs while minimising the risks associated with contract vendors.

We strive to develop long term and strategic relationships with our customers who share in essential core business values.